Arch windows bring superior beauty and style to the home’s elevation. As every window is unique, the selection of the right window covering is critical. Shutters are the perfect solution because we can custom match any design while retaining the architectural integrity true to its intended design.

Grand Arch Series:
The Grand Arch series from Rockwood is unlike any other arched panel design. While others fix the arched louvers in place near the apex, this design doesn’t match the window shape, blocking light with these unmovable louvers—but Rockwood does things differently. By crafting the arched shutter as one integrated unit, the top louvers are fully moveable, opening and closing along with the rest of the louvers for complete control and a true radius arch appearance.

Post Oak Arch Series:
Our proprietary Post Oak Arch Series is designed to deliver an elegant and value-oriented design solution. With it’s engraved louvers, the arch matches the shutters’ louver size and texture for a distinctive, uniform appearance. Available in an eyebrow and full radius arch, the Post Oak arch is etched to give the appearance of shutter louvers on both the front and back.

Sunburst Arches:
The Sunburst Arch offers a “fan style” radius design. Each louver tilts independently, allowing full control over the sunlight level, and its removable louvers make cleaning windows easy. Our shutter specialists customize the shape to match your window, from a perfect full radius to eyebrows and lazy arch configurations.

Palladio Arches:
Palladio arches provide a value-oriented take off on the Sunburst design. Manufactured from high-density fiberboard, the Palladio comes with a choice of light control options: either solid closed or with chamfered light slits for partial light filtration.


Rockwood knows your want your new window treatments quickly. We are one of the fastest in the industry because we are made in the USA.